Nature’s Light Spectacular


We journey around the world experiencing Nature’s Light Spectacular with this superb information picture book. Our travels open with meteor light showers in France’s Mercantour National Park. As with every one of our visits, we’re offered fact boxes of interesting anecdotes and explanations. Furthermore there are clear, accessible information and glorious pictures that suggests the wonder of the scene. 

We travel on to see giant shadows, or Brocken Spectre, such as experienced by walkers in Mount Emei China. Thereafter, we see Light Pillars, where frozen ice crystals reflect upwards into the night sky. You may see these in Ontario, Canada, where temperatures dip, causing ‘the flat ice crystals to sink lower to the ground.’ 

Alongside the opportunity to learn and wonder about twelve natural phenomena, is a chance to glory in a glow-in-the-dark poster. We suggest Nature’s Light Spectacular is likely to be a firm favourite with readers! What a rich and stimulating experience!

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Nature’s Light Spectacular

12 stunning scenes of Earth’s Greatest Light Shows

written by Katy Flint, illustrated by Cornelia Li

(Wide Eyed)- hardback

Readers experience twelve extraordinary phenomena in Nature’s Light Spectacular. We begin by experiencing meteor showers in France’s Mercantour National Park. Where should we look?  What are we looking for? Thereafter, what is the best time to search? What is actually happening?
We travel to Sun Valley, Idaho, after this, where we take care as we observe a solar eclipse. Thereafter, we experience polar lights in Svalbard,Norway. 
Sundogs, ’angelic shapes that can appear as halos’ are fascinating! When the sun is close to the horizon, prisms create by ice crystals. Similar phenomena occur through moonlight also. We see these in North Dakota.
I was excited to return to see glowworms in New Zealand’s Waitomo Caves. 
Rocket of Look Up! would be awed by this glorious book, especially as it includes a glow-in-the-dark poster. The fact boxes and the constant companionship of a traveller and her dog, lend this information title fluency and accessibility. Bookwagon is entranced by this beautiful non-fiction picture book. 


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