Never Let a Diplodocus Draw


It seems such sage advice, doesn’t it? After all, you should Never Let a Diplodocus Draw. Just think what a dippy might do. It could be that after experimenting with crayon and paint that inspiration might strike. Thereafter, there’d be a colourful mess, creations that sprung from any inspiration, curious, bold, wonderful and original! It might be that this diplodocus feels motivated to cut and paste, print and stomp and thereafter inspire others. What a thought!

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome aboard a third picture book title in the wonderful series from Rashmi Sirdeshpande and Diane Ewen. These dinosaur divine creations are rich in imagination and humour and ripe for reading aloud, often, knowing and sharing too. What’s more, they’re truly inspiring!

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Never Let a Diplodocus Draw

Rashmi Sirdeshpande & Diane Ewen

(Penguin Random House)

Can you imagine the scene? Isn’t it better to Never Let a Diplodocus Draw? After all, it would be a case of moving from crayons and containable art materials to something really outlandish and out of control! Just imagine the mess. Then again, just think of the eruptions of creativity. It would be out of control!
Thereafter, what would a diplodocus make? What inspiration would she take? What could she give? Surely you’d feel energised to stomp and print, cut and paste? After all, give a Dippy a crayon and then the world would be hers to create upon! Then again, what would her world of colourful creations be like, really? Is this something to contemplate and thereafter be inspired by?
It seems that after the award-winning Never Show a T-Rex a Book and then Never Teach a Stegosaurus to do Sums, we’ve further laugh-out-loud advice from the dynamic Rashmi Sirdeshpande and Diane Ewen. Once again, the text is fresh, rhyming and funny, while the illustrations are curious, bold and delightful. All in all, Bookwagon recommends Never Let a Diplodocus Draw as an ideal title to read often, know well and be inspired by too!


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