New Arrivals at Willow Farm


Snowy isn’t like the other sheepdog pups in his litter. It’s not only his pure white colouring but the way he seeks to make friends on the farm.

However, Farmer Joe offered a warning when Bethan chose this pup to keep from the litter. Snowy must prove himself. He’s destined to be a working dog, with the important role of rounding sheep on the farm. Then again, Snowy likes to explore, and can tend to wander off or have a chat during his training. What can be done?

Is it possible that friendships might offer Snowy a lifeline? After all, what if there’s a threat to the whole farm that might need a network about the land to be repelled? Something like foxes? Is it possible that a quick listener like Snowy, with kindness and friendliness could show skills that might have Farmer Joe think again?

Bookwagon loves and recommends New Arrivals at Willow Farm, a welcome addition to Helen Peters’ stable of books. What’s more, it promises to kickstart a new series too!

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New Arrivals at Willow Farm

Helen Peters, illustrated by isobel Lundie

(Barrington Stoke)

Snowy’s the seventh pup in the litter. Unlike his brothers and sisters, she’s pure white. What’s more he seems to have an outgoing nature, seeking friendships with other animals. Will it prove a problem? After all, isn’t Snowy supposed to be a working sheepdog? What will it mean if he cannot pass muster? Will Bethan have to surrender the pup she chooses from a litter? After all, Farmer Joe made it clear to Bethan that the pup she chose must ‘pass muster’. To that end, Snowy must prove himself. Snowy is one of the New Arrivals at Willow Farm.
Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this title from favourite writer, Helen Peters. What’s more this promises to kickstart a series, like A Lamb Called Lucky. It seems we can smell the farm, realise the animals and then feel concerned for Bethan and Snowy too. We tour the fields and thereafter arrive at Baarnaby, and then understand the concerns about fox attacks too. Is this something, in fact, that Snowy might help with? Could Snowy have some skills that Farmer Joe might need? Furthermore, might these skills help Snowy’s friends?
Bookwagon welcomes New Arrivals at Willow Farm with joy and looks forward to further visits.


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