News Hounds: The Dinosaur Discovery


Bob is curious as to the identity of the glamorous Afghan hound that he helps from the train. The other News Hounds explain that she is part of the contents of a house left to Mr Marcus. However, Mr Marcus doesn’t like dogs, and Diamond is having problems.

Bob doesn’t expect the other News Hounds to be  donating gifts to Diamond so he’s at a loss as to what he should give her. However the gap in the floorboards of the bandstand is interesting. Thereafter, when he finds a huge bone, he’s intrigued and digs further to find more bones, in fact, a skeleton! What animal is this large?

Diamond’s interest in Bob’s gift leads her to research a large reference book in Mr Marcus’s Curiosity Shop where she discovers that Bob’ found the skeleton of…. a dinosaur. However, Mr Marcus alights on Diamond’s research and is determined to find the rest of the skeleton that he might sell it for a small fortune! Can Bob rescue Diamond, when Mr Marcus threatens to withdraw all food until he leads her to Bob’s discovery? Will the News Hounds help the two pooches should Mr Marcus set a trap?

Bookwagon loves the News Hounds‘s series rom Laura James and Charlie. The sparky text and bright accessible illustrations are engaging and enjoyable. We welcome The Dinosaur Discovery aboard, and recommend this title for readers with growing experience and confidence.

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News Hounds: The Dinosaur Discovery

Laura James


Bob’s keen to gift a treat to the glamorous dog he met at the station. However, he doesn’t expect the bones from beneath the bandstand to be The Dinosaur Discovery!
It seems Diamond, the glamorous Afghan hound that Bob helps down from the train, is part of the contents Mr Marcus inherited. However Mr Marcus doesn’t like dogs and has no patience with Diamond. Yet it’s evident that Diamond is a clever pooch. After all, she researches Bob’s gift of a very large bone unearthed from beneath the bandstand. Unfortunately, Mr Marcus spies Diamond’s treasure. He threatens Diamond with removal of food unless she leads him to the rest of the skeleton haul! Can Bob help Diamond in her hour of need? Then again, might the News Hounds come to the rescue to prevent the greedy sale of the scoop of the century?
Bookwagon loves this series from Laura James. What’s more, after being introduced to the gang in the opening title, News Hounds The Puppy Problem, it’s a joy to continue the acquaintance! Bookwagon recommends The Dinosaur Discovery as a great standalone selection for newer chapter book readers, or as part of the series, to build familiarity and stamina.


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