Nibbles Colours


Are we brave enough to lift the flap and let Nibbles out? After all we know how much he munches. Then again, look at all these tasty colours! Which one will he enjoy the most? Will he begin his munching with the first rainbow colour and ‘juicy, sweet’ red. If that’s not right, it seems he’ll head onto ‘full of zest’ orange! Although his munching hole, right in the middle of our book, is growing, it appears that Nibbles isn’t finding a colour he likes best! He munches on through yellow, green, blue- can you see he’s ‘eaten half this book‘?

What a joyous creation! We turn the pages watching the effects of Nibbles’ chewing on the page edges and the growing hole in the middle of our pages. Where will Nibbles alight? Surely he’s not planning to eat all our colours is he? Well, I guess, it’s Nibbles Colours! Bookwagon loves this early selection for young readers, with its rip roaring text, naughty character and lure to participate. What a superb title within a highly recommended series.

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Nibbles Colours

by Emma Yarlett

(Little Tiger Press)– board book

Nibbles Colours might be a little worrying. We’ve had experience of Nibbles through Nibbles The Book Monster and other titles and know he’s a hungry monster! Therefore, what might he have in store for rainbow colours?
It seems we open the flap to let Nibbles out whereupon he’s off! ‘Which will be his chosen snack?‘ Might it be Red- ‘a juicy sweet’ or could it be that Nibbles will enjoy ‘zingy, zippy, full of zest‘ orange? Or could Nibbles be such a ‘picky fellow‘ that he wants to munch through other colours?
Young readers join the rhyme and follow Nibbles’ journey as he rushes helter-skelter through the colours, page by coloured page. We seek to find the one that suits him best. So yellow, or might that be not ‘tasty’. He can’t say that ‘green’s not great’, surely?
Bookwagon loves the ‘chewed’ pages, the hole in the middle of the page that is just right for turning and thereafter the jaunty text, bold fonts and glorious graphics. Yet can you see that as Nibbles munches, the hole grows ever and ever larger? Oh oh! Nibbles Colours is highly recommended to our very young readers!


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