Nibbles: Shapes


Oh, oh! It seems that Nibbles is exploring Shapes. We know that whenever Nibbles alights on any subject, he has one thing in mind, and that’s to chomp on through! Where will he go? What shapes will he munch upon?

Our book-eating monster alights upon Circles where he bounces and chomps a hole to bound through Squares, which overturn due to his (‘Yum Yum‘) urgent pace. In fact they fall everywhere! Thereafter we twinkle through Stars and slide, ‘one… two… three!‘ up and down Triangles toward ‘sparkling bright’ Diamonds. Where will we end up?

Bookwagon loves Emma Yarlett’s imagination alongside the opportunity to participate, predict and then exclaim at Nibbles discoveries. Nibbles Shapes is a delightful book to share with early readers, within a series that Bookwagon loves and recommends.

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Nibbles: Shapes

Emma Yarlett

(Little Tiger Press)

Nibbles; Shapes finds our little monster ‘chomping through a shape or two‘. He’s ‘crunching, one, two, three’. Thereafter, we’re invited to name each shape and see what this little monster is up to!
First of all, it seems he’s gobbled through ‘Circles‘. They’d better watch out, for we know that Emma Yarlett‘s hungry creation will eat anything! After all, haven’t we seen him eat through Colours, for example, and then, Numbers, too! Therefore, Squares? Well, they’re destined to ‘fall- everywhere!’ Then again, what about Stars, or even Triangles. It seems we’re invited to count these. However, our hungry muncher is soaring through, creating holes that match each shape!
In fact, we follow on, to see Nibbles’ bottom disappearing through a sparkling Diamond shaped chewed upon hole. Thereafter, he chomps on down through Rectangles and Arrows. So where is he heading to? What’s more, might there be a special message for us?
Bookwagon loves the creations of this writer/ illustrator. Furthermore, we think in this particular character, she presents someone who amuses, entertains and fascinates us. What’s more, his adventures, through books, numbers, colours, dinosaurs and here, with pages of Shapes is a delight. Can we catch Nibbles?



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