Nibbles: The Bedtime Book


It’s Nibbles’ bedtime. However, it seems our little chomping monster is still eager to find something to munch through. Thereafter we’re called upon to track him down. Oh oh! He’s heading to traditional tales. It seems he’s a taste for Cinderella. Thereafter, he appears at the ball and then as the slipper is dropped. Oh no!

Then again, what about The Ugly Duckling? It seems Mother Duck is completely unprepared for a duckling so different from her others? Then again, this is a chomping monster duckling!

What about Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star? It seems this familiar rhyme is a target for Nibbles, too! However, aren’t stars strong and falling? Might Nibbles have met his match? What’s more, don’t stars appear at bedtime, when little monsters should be packed away, sleeping in their crates?

While we’re delighted with the evidence throughout Nibbles: The Bedtime Book, of Nibbles’ escape and journey, we also love the construction of the story too. Emma Yarlett is a truly inspiring, painstaking picture book maker. The page wherein we’re asked to seek Nibbles tin a double page spread of night-time titles is mesmerising. Then again, the individual mini books of each traditional tales into which we climb in pursuit of Nibble? Such fun and so engaging!

Bookwagon adores Nibbles: The Bedtime Book. In fact, we recommend this title for every reader, from baby, to adult, one to share, love, know and gift.

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Nibbles: The Bedtime Book

Emma Yarlett

(Little Tiger Press)

It seems ‘a sleepy little monster/ has had a busy day‘. Therefore, it’s time for bed. However, how do you make sure that Nibbles’ going to bed? Thereafter, what do you do if he decides he needs to continue munching? It’s a problem. Furthermore, what if he’s chewing through traditional tales and rhymes. Might it mean that the story of The Ugly Duckling could go awry for exampleAfter all, it’s not ideal for Mama Duck to discover just HOW different ‘one of her ducklings is ‘to all of the others’. Then again, how might Cinderella and Prince Charming fare if this little monster became involved in the drama of the glass slipper? It might change the story completely! Then again, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star? It seems that Nibbles’ appetite could lead to him ‘chomping planets’!
Bookwagon adores this character. We love every interaction with him, including  The Dinosaur Guide. Thereafter, once again, we’re asked to join in the chase so that we might ‘Stop that chomping monster‘. It means that we deviate through an inner story or three, jump through nibbled pages, lift flaps and search high and low. Altogether, Nibbles: The Bedtime Book is a joy. We recommend this story for reading before sleep, sharing and laughing over, treasuring, and gifting, too.


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