Nibbles The Book Monster


‘Nibbles The Book Monster’ nibbles and chomps his way through socks, toes and soap. Yet his particular favourite food is…. BOOKS! What happens when Nibbles escapes? Could he munch his way through favourite stories? What might happen to Goldilocks should Nibbles find his way into the Three Bears’ cottage? What about the Wolf when Nibbles shuts Little Red Riding Hood out of Grandmother’s cottage? Then there’s the Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk… Could readers spy Nibbles, capture him and deny him a chance to change the shape of stories we know and love?

Bookwagon delights in Nibbles’ adventures! ‘Nibbles The Book Monster’ is destined to become a readers’ favourite selection, full of rich ideas, intricate, captivating pictures and such an imaginative story.

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Nibbles The Book Monster

Emma Yarlett

(Little Tiger Press)

‘Nibbles The Book Monster‘ must not escape! This little monster ‘likes to nibble soap,/ chomps on rubber ducks/… but his favourite thing of all to nibble on is…. books!’ What if Nibbles gets away? Could you find him in a library wall of books? Look carefully, for if Nibbles finds his way into the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ for example, it could change the story completely! He may even change the wolf of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ into something fluffy! What might he do to the giant in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’! Quick! Get to work! Follow that story!
Nibbles The Book Monster‘ is an imaginative, story scuttling, laugh-out-loud delight! Emma Yarlett’s Beast Feast and Dragon Post are Bookwagon favourite recommendations. We are delighted to include this wonderful title to a proud selection.


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