Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide


Nibbles’ appetite knows no boundaries! You’d think that the threat of weary Velociraptors would mean he’d be careful. However, Nibbles’ need to munch through the pages of The Dinosaur Guide creates havoc! Not only does he awaken the Velociraptors, but faces off greedy Diplodocus and hot-headed Triceratops! There’s only one Nibbles and herds of dinosaur…. except for Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Emma Yarlett has created a brilliant book. Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide incorporates a farcical intrusion within an information book of dinosaurs. Nibbles creates havoc and mocks the facts. This title is a laugh-out-loud adventure for readers of all ages. Thank you Emma Yarlett for your imagination, sense of humour and skill!


Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide

Emma Yarlett

(Little Tiger)

Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide is not like the Dictionary of Dinosaurs although it has that intention and original format. However, Nibbles has other ideas. Despite there being great danger from the ‘stompy feet of Triceratops‘, Nibbles munches through the pages. Thereafter, he risks a herd of greedy Diplodocus on his quest to ‘nibble, chomp and gnaw‘. Surely Nibbles wouldn’t risk awakening tired Velociraptors? What would happen if he was surrounded? Furthermore, if he escaped this mob of angry dinosaurs, he’d only head toward- DANGER ALERT- Tyrannosaurus Rex!
It seems like Nibbles has not learned his lesson from Nibbles The Book Monster! The danger is real, loud and huge in Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide! Will Nibbles eat his way through the guidebook, disrupting dinosaurs and the flow of facts? Or could his greed lead to a crunchy end?


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