Nibbles The Monster Hunt


A favourite book of facts could not be Nibbles latest tasty treat, could it? It seems that after working his way through a dinosaur guide and more, Nibbles is back! Maybe he has a taste for dinosaurs, for after he’s eaten through facts about the Sun, and disturbed Neil Armstrong on the Moon, he makes an error.

On a page featuring information about Images, Nibbles chomps into a picture featuring a dragon, thus releasing it. Soon, there’s a chase through Colours, with Blue ocean liners sinking, Yellow balloons bursting and more! What about when Nibbles and his pursuer arrive at Numbers?

We love the little books within the books, Emma Yarlett’s play on her name, and the witty asides and jokes. These and tracking of Nibbles’ progress urge us to read, then reread and want to share. This series is so diverting, witty and clever, and such a delight for readers. We’re delighted to welcome this third book, Nibbles The Monster Hunt. 

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Nibbles The Monster Hunt

Emma Yarlett

(Little Tiger Press)- hardback

Can you find the ‘crunching munching book monster‘? It’s Nibbles The Monster Hunt! It seems like Nibbles is determined to eat his way through a favourite book of facts! What will happen as he eats through information about the Sun and the Moon? Thereafter, it seems as though he’s headed to chomp through facts about Dogs and Cats! It seems as though there’s an angry Lion on the Cats’ page. Where might he head next? Surely he wouldn’t be so silly as to eat into a dragon picture on the Images’ page?
Oh oh! There’s a fiery dragon in hurried pursuit, burning through yellow Balloons! It seems as though Nibbles does not have time to hide out in ‘The World of Colour’. Might this be Nibbles final adventure? He takes some risks after all, as we’ve experienced through Nibbles The Book Monster and Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide. Let’s see how he gets out of this one!
 We are so excited to welcome Nibbles The Monster Hunt, the third in a thoroughly diverting seriesaboard the Bookwagon bookshop shelves!


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