Nice Work for the Cat and the King


What might be found? Any suggestions? We’re after some ‘Nice Work for the Cat and the King’. The King can wave and make royal announcements. He can cut ribbons and walk on red carpet too. Maybe a job as a station announcer? Or in a haberdashery department? What could possibly go wrong?

Life is good for The Cat and the King. They’ve friends and a happy life at 37 Castle Close. There is little sign of the dastardly dragon who burned down the castle. However, their savings, which the cat watches closely, are coming to an end. It’s time to seek work.

Nice Work for the Cat and the King‘ is a really satisfying story. I love the way Nick Sharratt sequences this work so considerately. The characters are realised beautifully, there’s tongue-in-cheek humour, and so many visual and textual clues. They make this a book readers will want to read again. ‘Nice Work for the Cat and the King‘ is a really pleasing work by a talented storyteller and picture book maker.

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Nice Work for the Cat and the King

Nick Sharratt


The Cat and the King have settled into life at 37 Castle Close. They like their neighbourhood, journeys aboard the number 23 bus and cakes. Yet the royal money box is running empty. It is time to earn some cash. What is the best job for a former king who is very good at waving and making announcements? What might provide Nice Work for the Cat and the King?
It seems that the cat’s full of ideas, although aware of the king’s special skills. It seems that being a lollipop ‘lady’ might be an option. After all, doesn’t that require waving? Then again, what about within a haberdashery department? Doesn’t that utilise the king’s superior ribbon cutting skill? What’s more, he’s a natural with the public, isn’t he? We know that Nick Sharratt is a skilful, appealing illustrator. However, here, with this superb duet of titles, we realise his further abilities.
In fact, Bookwagon would love a further visit to 37 Castle Close, if the king’s and cat’s fortunes might enable them to purchase some custard creams, perhaps? We recommend this title highly to all readers. It is an enjoyable experience particularly for newer chapter book readers.


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