Nighttime Symphony


‘You’re safe in here/ though the storm is wild’…. How can you get to sleep, when the dark and the storm are pervasive and threatening? Maybe you could listen to Timbaland’s ‘Nighttime Symphony‘? Perhaps you could linger over the lush, painterly, American realist pictures?

Listen to the poetry- ‘rain clouds blanket the whole wide world/ inside the sounds of the storm you curl/ like a crescent moon of rest-/ the tempest soon becomes your nest.‘ Feel the cocoon of love, tenderness and comfort.

We watch the movement of the clouds, the traffic, pedestrians and lights. There is rich opportunity to discover and learn. I love the comparisons of umbrellas to ‘turntables’, the ‘raging storm‘ to a ‘raging song.

Nighttime Symphony‘ is percussive and persuasive. It is a wonderful book for reading at bedtime, reciting, singing through, and sharing.


Nighttime Symphony


Art by Christopher Myers and Kaa Illustration

(Simon & Schuster)– hardback

‘The bass is a pillow, soft and warm, the whole world’s tuned to the quiet storm’. Join the lullaby, the ‘Nighttime Symphony’ of Timbaland. Listen to the rhythm of the words, follow the child’s fear of the night, of the dark, of the storm, as he is lulled. ‘Don’t you worry, little one, the angels too are musicians.’
Christopher Myers and Kaa Illustration create a glorious Diego Rivera/ Edward Hopper-like colourful backdrop to the melody of the words.
‘Nighttime Symphony’ is a bedtime lullaby, a musical rush, a soothing into sleep.


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