Ninja Kid


On his tenth birthday, Nelson awakens to a gift of two oversized superhero sweatshirts. There’s an invention backpack from his grandmother, also. Yet, the most unexpected gift is Nelson’s sudden ability to leap, balance and move with exceptional, superhero skill. He doesn’t need his glasses! Nelson is revealed as ‘Ninja Kid’! 

Grandma explains his fate, and reveals more secrets. Nelson must practise his skills and refine them. How will his friends react? Will Charles Brock cease putting Nelson down? Can Nelson keep his superhero skills secret?

It isn’t long before Nelson’s ‘Ninja Kid’ talents are put to the test. Grandma warns Nelson to keep his identity hidden from the mastermind in the red helicopter. Can Nelson outwit him?

‘Ninja Kid‘ is uptempo, exciting and beautifully structured storytelling. Bookwagon is excited to welcome Australasian superhero writer Anh Do aboard the wagon with this really appealing early chapter book.

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Ninja Kid

Anh Do, with illustrations by Jeremy Ley


Nelson awakens to a gift of two oversized superhero sweatshirts on his birthday. There’s cake and an odd invention from Grandma. Yet there’s something else, too! Why can Nelson move at the speed of lightning? What is the reason he can leap and balance in superhero ways? Could Nelson’s tenth birthday reveal his powers as a ‘Ninja Kid’? 


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