No-Bot The Robot’s New Bottom!


Bernard the robot loves playing at the park with his friends.They hurry from the swings, to the climbing frame to the see-saw. ‘Wheeeeeeee!”Bzzzzzzzz! ‘Thud! Thud! Thud!’ ‘Squeak, squeak‘. Monkey is alarmed, ‘What’s that funny noise?’ Smoke alerts the group to Bernard’s bottom. It appears it’s close to exploding! Thankfully, Bear is on hand to rush Bernard’s bottom away!

However, what is Bernard to do for a bottom? What sort of alternatives might there be for a robot? Maybe a fish tank? What about a cheese? Would a sofa do?

It seems the friends are a helpful bunch, and one of them may have just the right replacement…. what might that be?

Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet are a dynamic picture book making pair, full of humour, invention, colour and appeal. Bookwagon suggests that No-Bot The Robot’s New Bottom! is ideal for reading together, laughing over, sharing and loving.


No-Bot The Robot’s New Bottom!

Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

(Simon & Schuster)

No-Bot The Robot’s New Bottom! is the story of a disaster and friendship. When Bernard and his friends play at the park there are a lot of noises from ‘Wheeeeeee!’ to ‘Bzzzzzzz!’ However when there’s a ‘Thud! Thud! Thud!‘ followed by a ‘Squeak, squeak’ Bernard’s friends are curious. ‘What are all those funny noises?‘ Monkey asks.
It seems that Bernard’s bottom is on fire! Thankfully Bear takes it away, ‘before it explodes‘. However, Bernard is now a robot in need of a bottom. What on earth is he to do? Might a soft cheese fill the gap? Or maybe a fish tank? Possibly a sofa? What if none of these ideas help Bernard at all? Is there anything that might be done?
We love the co-operation and the fact that these friends are all so different. Furthermore, there is no sense of difference or disparagement amongst the friends despite Bernard’s difficulty.
Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet are the team behind Bookwagon favourite Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat It seems like these picture book makers have a wealth of brilliant, ingenious and entertaining ideas! No-Bot The Robot’s New Bottom! is an intriguing and warm-hearted picture book with bold colours, direct images and real reader appeal!


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