Noah Barleywater Runs Away


‘Am I doing the right thing?’ wonders Noah Barleywater at the beginning of this beguiling novel. He turns to watch the smoke curling up from the chimney of his house. Then ‘Noah Barleywater Runs Away‘.

Initially it seems Noah desires some sort of acclaim beyond his short stature and list of four minor achievements. However, nothing in this book, and nobody, is exactly as it seems.

Noah’s fears, beyond the borders of home, family, friends and familiarity, are faced. He learns about himself, what is real and imaginary, and what really matters. He learns what he has to face- really- and how to do it too.

Noah Barleywater Runs Away’ is destined to remain on the bookshelf and be cherished, and read often. I recommend it as a bedtime read, one to curl up and share, for adults will benefit from the magic woven in this beautiful book from Ireland’s master storyteller.

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Noah Barleywater Runs Away

John Boyne

(Random House Children’s Books)

What could prompt Noah Barleywater to leave home? Is it his short stature, his lack of achievements? Or is there something about which he is afraid? You will be captivated by the journey and discoveries in ‘Noah Barleywater Runs Away’. 


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