Nora & the Map of Mayhem


What if you were to stay with your great-grandmother- reluctantly- only to be thrust into a mind-defying adventure? Then again, what if this same great-grandmother, Nora, is reluctant to explain anything to you, beginning with the death threat that appears on her door?

Atticus and Autumn are staying with their ‘GG’, Nora, a ‘fabulously glamorous’ florist, evidently. However, it seems that Nora had a life before her great-grandchildren, about which not even their daddies are aware. Then again, Ripclaw’s on Nora’s trail. She’s a grievance that’s built, that she’s determined to right so that something missing is returned to her. However this means unearthing Nora’s secret. It requires Nora, with Atticus and Autumn in tow, to travel to a tavern on the English south coast. It seems the object Ripclaw demands was left with the pub keeper.  However, he’s buried it deep…

Before Atticus and Autumn are aware of what’s going on, Ripclaw’s advance means their great-grandmother’s whisked them aboard a ‘borrowed’ boat and they’re travelling into the English Channel to the Craggenwich Isles. Thankfully their great-grandmother has a proud history, though secret, and then an infinity bag of magical weapons, until…

Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome Nora & the Map of Mayhem. What a chaotic, hilarious, monster- rich adventure, with such a defiant central storyteller. We recommend this book so highly to all our readers. What a refreshing, invigorating and fulfilling story, ripe with fantastic asides and brilliant illustrations too!

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Nora & the Map of Mayhem

Joseph Elliott, illustrated by Nici Gregory


Nora’s reluctant to share with readers, or Atticus or Autumn, her true identity. To that end, she obscures the chapters and the truth of the adventure at hand. However, at the moment her grandson hands over his children for Nora’s weekend safekeeping, a warning notice appears at her home. It seems her life’s threatened. Then again, the same message is thrust into her florist.
It means that quickly, Nora’s on the run, heading first to the Rusty Scorpion, and thereafter ‘borrowing’ a boat for the Craggenwich Isles.
Not only must Nora’s past be revealed, but then she’s responsible for Atticus and Autumn. While Atticus seems buried deep in his phone, Autumn’s inspired by geese, her hunger and then defying any of GG’s instructions. These are to do with staying out of the way of legendary monsters and NOT collecting discarded pistols. Then again, the monsters Nora’s introducing us- and her great-grandchildren to- are mighty, terrifying and in need of a collection of infinity bag to foil.
Bookwagon is enthralled by Nora & the Map of Mayhem from Joseph Elliott whose The Good Hawk trilogy gripped YA readers. However this book is a complete change of pace and style. Not only is it riotous and wildly funny, but it’s rich with defiant characters, asides and chaos.
Bookwagon is so very happy to welcome Nora & the Map of Mayhem aboard!


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