Not My Fault


Not My Fault’ seems to be Maya’s attitude, especially since the accident. In contrast, her sister, Rose, feels everything is her fault. She’s the one who pushed the roundabout extra hard, causing Maya to fall off.

Maya watches Rose get on with her life, with her ‘goody goody’ attitude, perfect friendship and tidy life. Meanwhile, she is unravelling. Rose observes Maya’s popularity, daring and the constant physical reminders of her injury. She dreads and anticipates Maya’s attack.

Tensions are high when both girls attend school journey. Maya is determined to cause Rose discomfort, while Rose has been charged with keeping watch over Maya by their mother. Supply teacher Miss Bruce watches Maya too, rather too closely for Maya’s comfort. Rose’s ‘best’ friend, Clemmy follows Maya earnestly and loudly, urging Rose into spilling the beans on Maya’s antics.

I have never read a more accurate depiction of a school journey. Cath Howe depicts how tensions between siblings feel and seem, too. She is able to get beneath the skin of the characters and creates settings and relationships honestly and convincingly. ‘Not My Fault’ is a stirring, truthful and compassionate story. I suggest it will be as beloved as Ella on the Outside. I recommend this title highly.

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Not My Fault

Cath Howe

(Nosy Crow)

Rose watches Maya struggle with Stupid Leg and life. She feels responsible. Mum asks, ‘Keep an eye out for Maya’ as the sisters depart for school journey. Maya will not look out for Rose. She blames Rose for everything. From her leg to the trouble in which she finds herself constantly, it is ‘Not My Fault’. Maya is determined to turn the tables on Rose and upset her perfection.
Can the sisters survive school journey? Will Maya’s leg hold out? Will Rose tell the truth about Maya? Once again, Cath Howe captivates our attention and emotions with a stirring, meaningful story.


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