Not Without My Tractor!


Everyone knows Tractor is a hero.  Tractor can do anything – move mountains, dig swimming pools, act as a guard dog, do the school run, squash traffic jams. The problem however is that parents don’t seem to ‘get’ tractors the way children do. Taking the form of an argument between parent and child about whether or not Tractor can come to the city, this book is a slightly surreal hoot.

The more sensible the parent’s objections, the more imaginative are the child’s counter-arguments. It is playful and very unconventional and even has a mysterious twist.  You don’t have to love tractors to love this book, but readers will be rooting for the child to see if Tractor does indeed move to the city.

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Not Without My Tractor!

Finn-Ole Heinrich, Dita Zipfel and Halina Kirschner

(Little Island)

Due to its unconventional and slightly off-kilter approach, this picture book will delight.  You don’t have to be a tractor lover either!
Unusually, it takes the form of an argument between a parent and child.  The argument centres on whether Tractor can move with the family to the city.  The more sensible the objections from the parent, the more improbable the defence for the Tractor from the child.
Furthermore, its use of off-beat humour and bold, bright illustrations makes this is delightfully different and very recommended.


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