Not Yet, Zebra


Annie is painting the alphabet. She needs the animals to line up in order. However Zebra is impatient, Not Yet, Zebra. Will he take her advice? ‘Not yet, Zebra. I’m not ready for you./ You’re not the one I want to see./ Z comes at the end. We’ve only reach D It appears not!

What’s more, Zebra is enterprising. He adopts many guises to attempt an entrance. ‘And Lion and Monkey must have a go too./ N is quite tricky…/ But you’re DEFINITELY not Newt…/ I know you’re just Zebra wearing a suit!’

What of the other animals? What of the order? I love the structure Annie tries to create, the wiling animals and Zebra’s cunning efforts. There’s something really gentle and very funny in the story and method of story telling in this wonderful picture book. Are you ready? It’s your turn Zebra…. oh oh!


Not Yet, Zebra

Lou Kuenzler and Julia Woolf

(Faber & Faber)

Come one at a time,’ Annie instructs the animalt, for she’s painting her alphabet, However, Not Yet, Zebra. While Zebra may be keen to join in, he persists in jumping the line! Therefore, ‘Now Dog and Elephant and… Zebra, please think. You are NOT Flamingo. You’re not even pink!‘ However, Zebra will not take the hint! It seems that he is determined to be in the frame ahead of his place, even ‘wearing a suit’ to appear as Newt!
Will Annie maintain order, or will Zebra ensure a break in proceedings? Thereafter, where might he be when it comes to his time?
Bookwagon loves Julia Woolf’s Duck & Penguin are NOT Friends and delights in Annie and Zebra’s adventures in Calm Down, Zebra. While Not Yet, Zebra is an alphabet book, with Zebra around, and the level of mayhem and delight that these picture book makers ensure, there’s nothing orderly! We invite you to join the fun.


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