Nuts!‘ Who owns the nuts lying on the ground?Two squirrels gather nuts into their red and green wheelbarrows. They are delighted with their haul. ‘Nuts!’ ‘My nuts.’ they each exclaim. They can’t each claim the nuts, can they?

The situation becomes more tense when their friends arrive. Bear, Rabbit, Badger and Mouse offering their opinions. His nuts! Her nuts!

So, who do the nuts belong to? It builds to such a dramatic crescendo that the squirrels exclaim, ‘No! No! No!‘ There must be an answer…

Younger readers will appreciate the warm, autumnal colours, expressive characters and direct storytelling. The text is sparse and descriptive. There is much to be shared, learned and assumed from reading ‘Nuts!’ There is a lot of fun along the way, too. (Just look at those wheelbarrows!) Bookwagon is proud to introduce this title to our readers.



Lou Peacock & Yasmeen Ismail

(Nosy Crow)

‘Nuts!‘ Nuts? His nuts? Her nuts? Your nuts? Our nuts? It seems like the nuts belong to each squirrel. How can we decide who should own them? Can their friends help? Furthermore, will they share the nuts with their friends, or with each other?
Lou Peacock and Yasmeen Ismail have created a deceptively simple, yet very expressive and relevant picture book. Bold autumnal colours are used within the emotional context. ‘Nuts!‘ Who will take them home?



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