Ocean Meets Sky


Finn remembers his grandfather on what would have been his ninetieth birthday. ‘It’s a good day for sailing,‘ his grandfather would have said, to the sea day that Finn awakens. Finn thinks about their plans to build a boat that would travel to where ‘Ocean Meets Sky‘. He sets to work.

Boat building is hard work. When Finn awakens from his nap, he finds his boat rocking gently on the sea. Wonderful creatures, sights, smells and experiences meet him on a journey to where ‘Ocean Meets Sky’, just as his grandfather promised. Will he find grandfather there?

Ocean Meets Sky‘ is perfect. It is the sort of title that makes your heart weep for childhood wonder, innocence and loss. I cannot recommend this beautiful book highly enough. It takes every reader to where ‘Ocean Meets Sky’.

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Ocean Meets Sky

The Fan Brothers

(Lincoln Children’s Books)

On his grandfather’s ninetieth birthday, Finn awakens to the sea, and memories of his grandfather. They planned to build a boat together and travel to where ‘Ocean Meets Sky’.What will Finn do now? Thereafter, what does he remember of his grandfather. Is it possible to take these memories and form a path? Perhaps it might start a journey upon which he might travel to reconnect? The Fan Brothers’ idealistic imagination is rich, lyrical and wonderful. Bookwagon loves this work as it does The Night Gardener and The Barnabus Project. It feels as though these writers and illustrators feel what we feel and create what we need. Ocean Meets Sky is exceptional.


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