Octopus Shocktopus!


What an Octopus Shocktopus! Imagine awakening to discover a giant octopus on top of your house! Imagine how disgruntled your neighbour Mrs Antrobus would prove! Why, you’d have to call the fire brigade to remove it, wouldn’t you?  Yet, what if you discovered a rich range of possibilities offered through having a giant octopus at your house? What about washing day? Or fishing lines out to sea? Household and garden chores like sweeping up the leaves and cleaning paths would be a doddle! So too would the need to be entertained, for you’d have a theme park right on hand!

Yet, what, after all these discoveries, your giant octopus disappeared? It might have been with you during the seasons, snuggled through snow, lit up over Christmas and then…

Peter Bently’s witty, imaginative rhyming story is perfectly matched to the neon bright, rich with possibilities’ pictures of Steven Lenton. Octopus Shocktopus! is a joy, a sparkle, a laugh and a wonder.

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Octopus Shocktopus!

Peter Bently & Steven Lenton

(Nosy Crow)

Can you imagine the Octopus Shocktopus! if a giant octopus settled on top of your home? It bothers Mrs Antrobus, who says ‘I don’t like that octopus!/- An octopus does not belong.‘ Yet, how might you remove the octopus? Perhaps you’ll try the fire brigade? Or might it be that as it waits for release something is discovered? Could it be that the octopus is great to play with? Maybe football? Or what about taking rides upon? Then again, what about hanging out washing or helping with household and garden chores? Maybe this octopus is an advantage to have about!
Throughout this superbly imaginative and great fun picture book Octopus neon glows across the pages. It seems he’s good natured and open to all experiences, from fishing to Christmas lights! What if everyone says, ‘We wish WE had an octopus!’ Might it be that the octopus becomes a central feature? Is there a suggestion of the wonders of a polar bear centred community as in Lily and the Polars. So, what would happen should you find ‘no octopus/ living right on top of us’? 
Bookwagon loves the rhyme, innovation, warmth and rich possibilities of Octopus Shocktopus. The pictures are delightful and the story a joy. Is it time to welcome an octopus to your home?


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