Odd and the Frost Giants


Odd’s enigmatic smile troubles the villagers. Even after his father is killed rescuing a Viking pony, it is hard to tell how Odd really feels.Yet when Odd faces off the Frost Giant in a battle beyond the contemplation of Thor, Odin or Loki, his smile proves a secret weapon.

Neil Gaiman has used his exhaustive knowledge and enthusiasm for Norse legends to create ‘Odd and the Frost Giants‘, a splendid story that pits small boy against the ‘odds’ as he seeks to return spring to a winter hostile landscape. Chris Riddell’s glorious illustrations illuminate the story in their black, white and silver tones, so that the reader can ‘feel’ the adversity that Odd faces.

Odd and the Frost Giants‘ draws readers in engagingly, yet would be a tremendous bedtime reading choice. Bookwagon loves this title!

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Odd and the Frost Giants

Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Chris Riddell


Odd and the Frost Giants is a bold tale of loyalty and strength formed from traditional Norse mythology. While Odd is not the first person anyone would think could save his village he may have hidden talents. Furthermore,  his ‘odd’ smile and plucky determination leave him as the only contender to face off, against the Frost Giants.Odd is truly ‘against the odds’. We journey with him, from the bitter derision of his community through confusing encounters and unexpected support. For example, could the bear that Odd meets at the start of his adventure really encourage him to ‘clamber onto his back, holding his crutch with his left hand and his fur with his right’? What of the other animals along the way?
Like The Sleeper and the Spindle, Odd and the Frost Giants is a masterclass of collaborative storytelling. Bookwagon is proud to presnet this magnificent book.


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