Isn’t the draw of the ‘out of bounds‘ just too irresistible? Doesn’t it seem to drag you in? Then again, surely one little look cannot be so bad? What’s more, surely one tiny piece of sticky tape cannot be a problem? It seems that Mr Lamp could do with a scarf, too… What more might be remedied and created within this Off-Limits place?

Helen Yoon’s picture book is a masterpiece. We can almost hear the creeping footsteps, the creak as the door opens and then the silent voice urging our character forward. Yet what she sees in this office is all her own! It means that we perch from several different vantage points, watching her growing recklessness as she units paper clips and bulldog clips and then discovers Post-It notes….. ‘Pinky. Blue blue. Yellow yellow yellow’. Does this call for ‘la laaa lala da la’? This is inspired!

However, what happens when her performance with all the glorious magnificence of the office comes to a close? How can she possibly escape undetected? It’s not as though this performance will go down unnoticed, ‘Uh-oh’…. Might it be best to journey back to ‘my room’ for surely she’ll be ‘in so much trouble‘….

Off-Limits is quite magnificent. The way that we see the thinking cogs whirl, the glorious performance, its denouement, and then… Bookwagon loves and recommends this outstanding picture book.

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Helen Yoon

(Walker)- hardback

It seems that the office is Off-Limits. Therefore, it’s a place that’s out of bounds. Yet surely one peek wouldn’t be a problem. After all ‘there’s nothing wrong with just looking…‘ Then, surely no-one ‘would miss one piece of tape. Just one little teeny-tiny piece’.
However, what if that ‘one little teeny-tiny piece’ became ‘another’. Then again, what if it was introduced to Mr Lamp to become a ‘lovely scarf‘? It seems at that point that it would be good for ‘Mr Scarf’ to enjoy further accessories. Maybe ‘paper clips!‘ Or even ‘paper clips and bulldog clips!’ then there’s the wonder of…. the Post-it Note. What can be done with this?
Magically, it seems, Helen Yoon demonstrates and recalls the fascination of an out-of-bounds’ area. Somehow, such a place is hallowed, magical and offers unparalleled opportunities. There is a touch of We’re Going to Find the Monster in our being included here in a rich imagining.
Therefore, cleverly our visitor is depicted huge in her page, from a variety of perspectives, while each activity seems to move at domino pace. What’s more, these perspectives also draw us in further. For example, when it comes to the Post-it notes, we count along through the patterning, with our bird’s eye view… ‘Pinky. Blue blue. Yellow yellow yellow.’ 
Bookwagon adores this book. Furthermore, despite being constant readers, this bookseller was surprised and delighted by this picture book’s conclusion. Altogether, Off-Limits is an outstanding title that we recommend highly. It promises to delight readers of any age.


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