Oh me, oh my, a PIE!


Grandma Bear has baked a pie- ‘oh me, oh my!’ ‘Yum yum!’ she says to herself, and so do we! Unfortunately, leaving it on a shelf to cool is not a wise decision, for the pie is a target for Fox and thereafter, every character in the village!

Jan Fearnley’s easy rhyming narrative is captivating and word perfect. We follow the path of pie with delight and anticipation. The gentle pastel colours and varying perspectives create an appropriate, appealing, Francophile setting. In ‘Oh Me, oh My, a PIE!’ there’s a tease to find gentle picture nods to her other wonderful titles too- Edgar and the Sausage Inspector.

I love this picture book maker. I cannot recommend her titles highly enough. It is a delight to recommend ‘Oh me, oh my, a PIE!‘ to our Bookwagon readers. You’re in for a tasty treat!


Oh me, oh my, a PIE!

Jane Fearnley

(Nosy Crow)

‘A nice old grandma baked a pie. / It smelled so good- oh me, oh my!‘  Oh me, oh my, a PIE! Could it be? We lick our lips and prepare for the journey. It seems like the baking of the pie is just the beginning. Who will eat the pie for it passes through so many paws! On occasion it’s accidental, yet there are a few chancers along the way. We travel the course of the pie as character after character consider this treat belongs to them. Yet, who is destined to eat the pie, really?
From Mr Wolf’s Pancakes to Little Robin Red Vest it seems as though picture book maestra Jan Fearnley is the queen of colour and rhyme! She is an expert in building drama through her use of perspective also, so that our viewpoint changes cleverly to exaggerate the drama. Furthermore her storytelling grips, entertains and amuses. You can never expect a predictable ending either which makes the journey even more exciting!
Oh me, oh my, a PIE!  is a rhyming treat of pie-tastic distinction that Bookwagon recommends to all our readers! Don’t save it until your’e hungry but enjoy it any day!


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