‘Oink’. it’s time for Pig’s bath. He’s after a long, relaxing, solitary soak, until…. ‘Knock! Knock!’ Who might it be? ‘Maaa’- sheep? Then, ‘Knock! Knock!’ ‘Moo’? A beach ball too? Surely there’s not another ‘Knock! Knock!’ But there is!

We watch Pig’s demeanour change, from delight at the space and potential of his bath, to surprise, then indignation. All the storytelling is carried by David Elliot’s expressive pencil pictures and scant animal explanations.

Oink’ is an intelligent picture book. While it is sophisticated in its layered reading of the pictures, its humour and potential for rereading and sharing are huge. ‘Oink‘ will be beloved by our youngest readers, to their adults. What a clever, enjoyable, fun-packed story!

While Raven Award; Kirkus Starred Review

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David Elliot

(Gecko Press)– hardback

Oink’ all Pig wants is a bath, a relaxing, lie back and lose your eyes, bath. Then, ‘Knock! Knock!’ Who could it be? Pig sits up in anticipation. Maaa? Sheep? Into the bath? Surely not! However, it seems that Pig’s bath is something longed for by more than one animal!  A second ‘Knock! Knock!’ reveals Cow, keen to join in. However, that means three bathing animals. Pig’s a caring, kind soul, it appears, but how much is he prepared to take? It seems that every time the door opens to reveal a new visitor, the colours blare. They contrast against the serenity that Pig is seeking. Then again, we’re drawn to watching Pig’s face as the constant knocking on the door, the building number of animals seeking to join him build the tension.
There is no text to speak of because the words are in the pictures and then with the readers… What a great way to build contextual understanding and enjoy a story! David Elliot demonstrates such controlled, confident storytelling in this wonderful book for very young readers. Like his Bumblebee Grumblebee, Bookwagon suggests that Oink is one to share, know well, laugh over, read often and gift.


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