Oliver and the Seawigs


Oliver Crisp is looking forward to settling down after an adventurous life of exploring. His parents have bought a run down house at Deepwater Bay. Yet the family has no sooner opened the front door, than Oliver’s parents spot a series of unmapped islands, dotted across their sea view. They determine these need exploring!

When his parents don’t return, Oliver is forced to investigate. He discovers the islands are rather more than he expected! What has happened to his parents?

With a belligerent albatross and short-sighted mermaid for assistance, ‘Oliver and Seawigs’ turns into a mission to win a hair- raising competition and rescue Oliver’s parents. There’s a dastardly villain with a chip on his shoulder, a sarcastic sea and a barrel full of bewitching sea monkeys! Oliver has his hands full!


Oliver and the Seawigs

Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre


‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ opens sensibly enough. Oliver is looking forward to leaving an explorers’ life and settling into Deepwater Bay. He’s had a lifetime of adventures with his parents. Yet, are they over? There’s something about the islands out at sea that calls his parents! What could it be? When Oliver’s parents disappear, it’s up to him to rescue them!

Winner of the UKLA 7- 11  best book category


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