Olivia is good at lots of things. She is good at wearing people out. She even wears herself out. Meet Olivia, the girl with attitude, aplomb and ambition. Rules, regulations and relations don’t get in her way. Perry the dog, and Ian, her copycat little brother, are cast aside by her plans.There’s a world to see, dancing to do, paintings to make, stories to read. 

Inspired by his niece, Olivia, Ian Falconer has created a most perfect tribute to the driven, busy, curious child. Forget the pig, look at the character, for she’s rare, hilarious, real, special and quite wonderful, one of my all time favourites.

Olivia is peerless. We suggest that any reader would relish time in her company. Just remember to bring the ear plugs!



Ian Falconer

(Simon and Schuster)

It has happened! Bookwagon welcomes a favourite character, Olivia, the girl with big dreams and an even bigger attitude! We recommend this wonderful story to all readers, aged from 3- 93. Meet Olivia, but be prepared!


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