Olly Brown, God of Hamsters


Is it possible that Olly Brown, is the God of Hamsters? It seems that there’s a research party arrived in Malcott. Not only is it focused upon finding ‘the great O’ but then it needs to retrieve its spaceship from Mr Potter’s pond.

Unfortunately, Mr Potter is fascinated by life beyond our planets. Living next door to Olly’s father, Chief Scientific Officer for the area, means he’s an available pair of ears to regale with his latest sightings. However, he receives little enthusiasm in return. Then again, what about Olly’s discovery. He wasn’t meant to see Tibbles, though Tibbles’ encounter with the class hamster rather derailed him. Then again, the discovery of the alien hamsters and their problems shifts Olly’s focus from the Year 6 Leavers’ Party and any attempt to co-ordinate it with Hugh Botham.

Bookwagon loves this hilarious story, told in turn by boy and hamster. Will Olly hit all his end of year targets? Will his crocheted hamster be recognisable? Then again, what really happened to Fluffy and Scruffy?

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Olly Brown, God of Hamsters

Bethany Walker, illustrated by Jack Noel


Could Mr Potter be right? Might there be an alien sighting in Malcott? It seems that the Chief Scientific Officer of the local area, and Olly’s father, thinks this highly unlikely.
However who is Tibbles? It seems he’s appeared in Olly’s Year 6 class as if by magic. Then again, he’s in awe of Sharon, Olly’s class’s hamster. What’s more, Olly’s presence is enough to make him faint! Therefore, what will he do when Olly’s elected to smuggle him home? After all, he’s always wanted his own hamster. Then again, might Tibbles be something more than a hamster?
Bethany Walker and Jack Noel of Comic Classics Treasure Island collaborate on an out of this world, sci-fi, hilarious adventure. Not only is there an invasion of  hamster space life desperate to survey the great ‘O’ but it seems they’ve a spaceship disaster. Then there’s the Year 6 Leavers’ party, for which Olly’s been nominated as co-ordinator alongside arch enemy Hugh Botham. While Miss Harper might suggest that ‘plenty can be done‘ in the final weeks of Year 6, Olly did not expect to have his fairly quiet, side of the wall, life upended! Bookwagon welcomes Olly Brown, God of Hamsters, aboard!


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