On a Magical Do-Nothing Day


Seemingly marooned ‘killing martians’ in the game she’s playing while Mum works and the rain sheets down outside, our lead character is bored. It’s another ‘do-nothing’ day. When Mum hides her game, the girl finds it and determines to play it outside, but the day has other plans. From snails to ponds, hills to streams, sunlight blasts, pebbles and plants, the girl discovers a world that had been hidden. She tastes and smells the day. She realises the wonder and the moment.

On a Magical Do-Nothing Day‘ is a glorious work of imagination, wonder and depth that we recommend to every reader, regardless of age. The sun and rain steeped pictures are punctuated by bold colours, sudden expressions and intricate discoveries. Go on! Take a tour through this ‘do-nothing’ day too!

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On a Magical Do-Nothing Day

Beatrice Alemagna

(Thames & Hudson)

On a Magical Do-Nothing Day… ‘Here we are again. Me and mum back in the same cabin. In the same forest. The same rain. Dad back  in the city.‘ What happens if this ‘sameness’ is  a deception? Could there be discoveries on a ‘do-nothing’ day? ‘On a Magical Do-Nothing Day‘ draws us into the wonder and possibilities as we explore the day…..
Beatrice Alemagna is an internationally acclaimed picture book writer whose titles such as Lion in Paris and Harold Snipperpot’s Best Disaster Ever bring delight to readers. Furthermore, this picture book maker ensures her work engages with readers of all ages. There is something other-worldly and curious in her subject matter and style.
Bookwagon is proud to recommend ‘On a Magical Do-Nothing Day’. 

Winner of the Landerneau Award for Picture Books 2017

Translated from the French ‘Un Jour de Rien‘ by Jill Davis


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