On Midnight Beach


Emer seems to watch life in Carrig Cove from the sidelines until the summer of 1976. It coincides with the appearance of a dolphin in the harbour. While she and Dog Cullen, Fee and Kit, take midnight swims with the dolphin, she grows closer to Dog. However as her feelings grow, so does her need for caution, and the growing passions within the community.

The buzz about the dolphin brings tourists to their humdrum town and rocketing business for Emer’s father. The smarter town of Ross Bay feels the pinch from its down-at-heel neighbour. Thereafter, some, such as Maeve Grogan and Ali Matthews and his gang, determine to prove their town’s superiority, whatever it takes.

Could this summer of simmering passion, tension, heat and an unexpected visitor, boil over into something explosive? Something irreparable that changes lives so that they will never be the same again?

On Midnight Beach is a truly captivating tale, in which you can feel the heat and smell the sea salt. Furthermore we join Emer and Gus as they feel events spiral out of their best efforts at control. We recommend On Midnight Beach to older, teen readers. This title contains adult themes and content suitable for YA readers only.


On Midnight Beach

Marie- Louise Fitzpatrick

(Faber & Faber)

Emer steals out On Midnight Beach with Dog and Fee and Kit. Not only is this the gloriously hot summer of 1976, but there’s a dolphin in Carrig Cove. Suddenly the teens’ grey, inward-looking village is pulsating with life and acclaim. Emer’s father’s shop is packed with tourists, while the fishermen exchange their fishing excursions for dolphin sighting trips. Yet not everyone is as excited about Rinn the dolphin as the locals. It seems that Ross Bay, the bigger, neighbouring town, is unsettled by the attention on its smaller, lesser neighbour. Furthermore, the heat and the buzz build tensions so that somebody with a toe in both camps might be drawn into damaging plans.
Can Emer withstand her father’s meanness alongside her growing feelings for the spotlit Dog Cullen? Thereafter, what of Gus McRoy? While his brother builds his boxing skills in Dublin, Gus washes dishes in Maeve Grogan’s father’s hotel and thinks across the bay to Carrig Cove and the people he left behind. How might one dolphin in an explosive summer change his life, and the lives of others, forever?
Like Bone Gap this is a coming- of- age tale. Yet it’s also a story of repression and breaking free of the pontoons of expectation and confinement. The appearance of Rinn the dolphin in the harbour at Carrig Cove signals hope to Emer and Gus.
On Midnight Beach contains more adult content suitable for YA readers only.


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