On Silver Tides


Ever since Kelda rescued Isla shortly after her birth, she has felt responsible for her little sister. It’s not just that she set her breathing again, or that she named her. Somehow Kelda feels that Isla needs her close protection. She’s aware of the unhappiness between Mam and Dad about Isla. However Kelda knows it’s to do with the differences that Isla shows. There isn’t the same sheen in her skin as other silvermen. She cannot breathe in water like others. Then again, she’s curious about landsmen lore. It means that Kelda and her family are quiet and secretive about Isla. However, what might happen when blame for illness, for sickness within the waterways, is directed toward Isla?

Could it be that Isla might drive her family to pull apart and thereafter to the biggest journey that any of them can imagine? Thereafter, could it be that ancient Lore might hint at something more, beyond the ways of the silvermen? In fact, might it lead them to stories and creatures from a time long ago, almost imagined? Furthermore, is the Lore flexible? Open to interpretation and revisiting?

Bookwagon is enthralled by On Silver Tides. Sylvia Bishop’s outstanding story is rich with environmental themes, smells and tastes of Ancient times within a riveting journey of love and discovery. We recommend On Silver Tides highly to mature middle grade, and older, readers.


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On Silver Tides

Sylvia Bishop

(Andersen Press)

I can hear your heart,’ Isla whisper[s]./ ‘That’s good- still alive then‘. It seems that ever since Kelda saved Isla’s life and thereafter named her, she’s felt responsible for her little sister. It’s more than the evident difference that Isla shows from the rest of her family. It feels as though Isla’s vulnerable, a target. Somehow, she pulls the family apart, too.
Therefore, when ‘three testifiers- raise a quorum‘ seeking to expel Isla from the silvermen Kelda is ready. It seems the sicknesses within the waterways are blamed upon this little girl. After all, she cannot swim like the others of their kind. Then again, she doesn’t really look or act in the same way. It seems as though Isla has a curiosity about the lore of the land and River. Yet the silvermen are suspicious of landsmen. They don’t have the water ways, cannot breathe through their skin while there are times of ages past when landsmen have proved their wickedness. Then again, there’s their ill-treatment of the waterways.
Can Kelda save Isla again? Seek out a place of safety for her? Even discover ways of times past, creatures lost in time and ancient writing that might help her little sister? Furthermore, might their journey On Silver Tides reveal more than Kelda or any of her family might ever have imagined?
Sylvia Bishop‘s books are beloved by Bookwagon readers. Just think of The Secret of the Night Train. However,  with On Silver Tides, we’ve something much bigger. In fact this title is rich with folklore, ancient ways suffused with the smell and tread of Ancient Britain. Then again it’s an environmental story, redolent with themes of fantasy and family. It means that we enjoy a most magnificent reading experience, highly recommended to mature middle grade and older readers. Bookwagon is proud to welcome this wonderful book aboard.


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