Once upon a Jungle


Once upon a Jungle’, marched some ants. In turn there was a lizard, a monkey and a panther. With direct, sequential text amidst jungle-glorious, black background, pictures, we journey deep into life in the jungle.

Laura Knowles and James Boast create a rich experience in ‘Once upon a Jungle’. We experience a circle of life, through movement, prey, death and new life. This is a wonderful book. It offers answers while posing questions for the reader. It would be a superb addition to any class or home library.

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Once upon a Jungle

Laura Knowles, illustrated by James Boast

(words & pictures)– hardback

‘Once upon a Jungle’ marched some ants… Watch the parade of creatures, of life, through a dazzling, jungle coloured picture book. This deceptively simple story exhibits the balance of life gloriously.


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