Once Upon a Raindrop


Why is the Moon so dry while our world’s so wet? We travel from the possibility of a block of ice spinning from ‘outer space on meteorites’ that crashed to earth. Maybe the ‘ice turned liquid, boiled to gas’ to form ‘sky-borne clouds’. Thereafter droplets of rain formed…

Poet James Carter journeys through space to earth and along the water cycle in rhyming descriptive verse. His words are sharp, glorious and descriptive. They are elevated by the sympathetic mirroring of Nomoco’s pictures. Once Upon a Raindrop demands that you read, wonder and glory upon its words and images. For example,  the real water cycle- ‘so too water/ in a chain/ cloud rain river sea/ water cycles endlessly‘-  is presented in the shape of a circular eternity within a burn-out sky background.

We love Once Upon a Raindrop. Somehow this book defies definition. While it is poetry, it is also science and art. Maybe that’s the way it should be with describing and wondering about life and the wonders of our planet.

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Once Upon a Raindrop

The Story of Water

James Carter and Nomoco

(Caterpillar Books)

Do you know why the moon’s so dry and yet our world’s so wet? Once Upon a Raindrop is the story of water in rhyming shape verse and images. How does water form? Perhaps it’s with ‘a drop of rain or a single flake of snow’. Maybe it’s something more dramatic like a GREAT WAVE. All that’s known is that water has been on earth for centuries. It could be that if it arrived from space that it arrived as ice that turned to gas and thereafter became clouds… Then again, imagine the wonder that is created well beyond our shores, that enables the life-force of water. Wouldn’t this be magical? Then again, just trickle through all the possibilities, as we do in poetry form.
James Carter’s scientific descriptions are elevated by the shapes that his rhyming story verse form and the way that words are shown. Thereafter Nomoco’s illustrations are sympathetic to the words. In fact, the ink seems to drip through to highlight water’s liquid form. Then the way the two play upon the page? All in all, this is a glorious combination.
Alongside  The Rhythm of the Rain and River Stories, Once Upon a Raindrop is a proud, enticing, lyrical celebration of the essence of life. What a wonderful book!


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