Once Upon a Snowstorm


There is little food in the house. Despite the deep snow, the boy and his father venture out. The density of the snow causes them to separate. Suddenly, the boy is lost, ‘Once Upon a Snowstorm.’

The cave in which he seeks shelter reveals more than he, or we, could ever contemplate. There is so much love, warmth and protection, that the boy feels safe, despite the absence of his father. Yet, he longs for home. Can he return? Who will help him?

‘Once Upon a Snowstorm‘ is a winter magical wordless picture book. The nostalgia tinged, snowdrift splattered images suggest something mystical, cold, distant and hidden. Each reading offers a little more to be discovered, or explored. This is a truly beautiful book.

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Once Upon a Snowstorm

Richard Johnson

(Faber & Faber)

Once Upon a Snowstorm, a boy and his father venture into the snowdrifts in search for food. Despite their closeness, the deep snow makes progress difficult In fact, they are separated. What will the boy find when he awakens from his safety cave? Thereafter, how can he be reunited with his father? Furthermore, how will we feel as we journey onward with him? In fact, what are our hopes and fears for the boy? Can we offer advice? After all did we expect him to find somewhere so cocooned and safe within his cave? Somehow there was a nurturing there that we wanted for our character. Then again, we’re committed to him as he must move on. Somehow, the fact this title is wordless means that there’s an extra connection; we are buried deep within the story, urging him on!
Then again, rather like Wolf in the Snow this picture book journey has something ethereal, otherworldly about it. Furthermore, it feels as though we are part of this quest, invested in a positive outcome.
Once Upon a Snowstorm is a heartwarming, inspirational wordless picture book. Richard Johnson‘s story sequencing, and winter magical pictures are distant, hidden and splendid.


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