Once Upon A Wild Wood


Once Upon a Wild Wood‘ Little Green Cape prepares to explore story tale lands en route to Rapunzel’s party. In her green rain cape she adventures past a kindly old lady offering an apple, a lonely Beast, recovers a discarded harp and creeps from a cave of three bears.

Green is a capable, alert heroine. She is aware of potential danger and stands up for herself. Green makes connections in her new setting and helps out. When Thumbelina sighs, ‘Fairy tale problems!’ Green is quick to lend a hand. This isn’t a heroine who will be swayed by princes, or short-sighted witches with plans for boiled greens!

Chris Riddell has invested Green with a 21st century attitude. She is not cowered or victim, but undistracted in her pursuit. HIs text is plucky and strong. ‘Once Upon a Wild Wood’ is packed to the leaf tips with glorious, inviting, laden pictures to delight and entrance. ‘Once Upon a Wild Wood’ is a wonderful book that Bookwagon is proud to stock. We recommend this beautiful book as a ‘forever’ title for home, bedtime reading and sharing.

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Once Upon A Wild Wood

Chris Riddell


‘Once Upon a Wild Wood‘ Little Green Rain Cape set off on a fairytale adventure to Rapunzel’s party. Who will she meet? What adventures await? Join Green on her route through the woods, cheering on her indomitable curiosity and initiative!


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