Once Upon an Alphabet


What is the backstory behind every letter of the alphabet? Who are they really? Here, inspired picture book maker and seeming polymath Oliver Jeffers dares to imagine the E for Edmund, or an investigative duo of Owl and Octopus. He pushes behind the shapes and rhyme and substance to the possible, the imaginary, the wild and wonderful.

This is a collectible piece. It is one to be enjoyed and wondered over by the new reader, and one to be enjoyed and delighted in by the adult reader. ‘Once Upon an Alphabet‘ is a startling and delightful picture book that we love!


Once Upon an Alphabet

Oliver Jeffers

(Harper Collins Books)- hardback

Once Upon an Alphabet‘ offers every letter of the alphabet its own story, its own place on the page. This is an exquisite picture book that dares to suggest the hidden words behind the letters and sounds. We recommend this book to every reader, anyone with curiosity, humour and a sense of alphabet adventure!

Winner of the CBI Book of the Year


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