Once Upon an Atom


Why do things happen? How does a firework explode? What makes colours appear different? James Carter expands his rhyming information books to include Once Upon an Atom. He demonstrates through his rhyme and William Santiago’s explosive, almost onomatopoeic pictures, how science is the key to our existence.

There’s chemistry which examines to curious minds whizzes bangs and expansions, or electricity that powers our factories and industry. Meanwhile physics explains how the universe works. Biology covers everything from arms and legs, ‘oceans, land and sky’ to ‘great diversity’. 

There is such joy in the subject and such an invitation to step in, explore and wonder. Bookwagon delights in this series, and is so happy to welcome Once Upon an Atom aboard!

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Once Upon an Atom

Questions of Science

James Carter, illustrated by William Santiago

(Little Tiger Press)– hardback

Once Upon an Atom concerns ‘SCIENCE’ which is ‘many things- actually it’s EVERYTHING!’ From the BIG to the little, invisible, living, cool to hot; everything is something. Furthermore, Science explains it all, from BIG BANGS to tiny atoms. We wonder why ‘leaves turn red and gold‘ or ‘fireworks explode.’ All of these reactions are chemical. Thereafter, the matter that powers everything from inventions to machinery is electricity. Then again, gravity is a force that ‘can’t be seen and has no sound’. Meanwhile biology explains everything from ‘tiny flowers blooming’ to medicines or evolution.
With this rhyming information book, Once Upon an Atom, James Carter expands upon his superb Once Upon a Star and Once Upon a Raindrop titles. He presents a broad examination of science throughout our everyday lives, and thereafter how scientists examine and realise each area of the subject specifically. From the wonderful presentation, illustrated in bold popup art style by William Santiago, James Carter concludes with an acrostic glossary that reaffirms how SCIENCE factors throughout our being.



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