One Camel Called Doug


Playing hide- and- seek is a tall order for One Camel Called Doug. Yet what if another bump with a hump might emerge through the haze? Could it be Brian, ready for ‘tango‘ or flying ‘the trapeze‘? Then again, what if another should cross the desert? After all three can ‘swing the skipping rope [and] do the jumps‘ if Claire might join in?

However, with four there’s an opportunity to run relays and bobsleigh, while if Rita joins the group after Bruce, there’s ‘a football team, shooting and spinning’! It seems the fun is never ending as further ‘bumps with humps‘ emerge through the desert heat! In fact before long, there’s a ‘party of camels‘!

Alongside delectable rhyming storytelling from Lu Fraser, there are brilliantly coloured, chaotic and distracting pictures from Sarah Warburton. They seem to demonstrate the illustrator’s joy in the words.

Bookwagon loves One Camel Called Doug. What’s more, we suggest this is a picture book that demands to be read aloud, read often, recited, known, shared and loved!

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One Camel Called Doug

Lu Fraser and Sarah Warburton

(Simon & Schuster)

One Camel Called Doug with his single hump, can be found in a ‘far away land‘. Then again, Doug wonders if just a single being is enough? After all, ‘it makes playing hide- and-seek terribly tough‘. Therefore when he spies ‘through the haze and the shimmering heat,/- a shadowy shape on squashy-toed feet’. he’s entranced! It seems to be Brian, with ‘a bump of a hump‘. This makes all the difference, for ‘two can play see-saw and leapfrog with ease‘ amongst many other things.
However, what if Claire, a third ‘bump of a hump’ should join them’ ahead of Bruce? Look at what four might do, why ‘four can run relays against the baboons. Four fills a bobsleigh to swoosh through the dunes.‘  Yet, does it end there?
Lu Fraser offers such marvellous, nonsensical rhyming journeys, whether with The Viking Who Liked Icing or The Littlest Yak. Therefore, we are held spellbound by camels ‘scoring and winning‘ and thereafter ‘the bumps of the hymns of a whole camel herd’! What’s more, Sarah Warburton’s pictures are a riot of colour, mayhem, activity and delight! Altogether, as Doug’s joy and company increase, it seems we are tuning ‘up the tubas’ and taking part in ‘musical bumps‘ too!  However, will Doug’s exuberance extend beyond a day, or might it be that come nighttime he’s ready to returning to being One Camel Called Doug? Bookwagon loves this clever, imaginative, hilarious picture book and recommends it warmly to our readers. What’s more, we suggest this title is one that might be read often, recalled, shared and loved.


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