One Christmas Wish


Aside from a sleeping babysitter, Theo is alone. He makes ‘One Christmas Wish‘ for company, upon a shooting star. It unravels four ancient Christmas decorations from their slumber. Each one has its own wish and a determination to upset the calm of the night. What mischief might occur? What can Theo learn from his new Christmas friends?

This is a classic story. Emily Sutton’s pictures are subtle, Christmas tinged and traditional. Katherine Rundell’s tone is light, inspiring, respectful and magical. There is magic and love and family. ‘One Christmas Wish’ deserves a place as a story to be shared each Christmas. It is a special, beautiful title.

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One Christmas Wish

Katherine Rundell, illustrated by Emily Sutton


It’s Christmas Eve and Theo is alone in the house with a sleeping baby-sitter. Looking at the stars, he makes ‘One Christmas Wish‘ for company. What will the aged Christmas decorations, brought to life, want from Theo on Christmas Eve? How might they usher up some Christmas spirit?
Emily Sutton’s pictures hint at a Christmas past. Their slightly stippled, matte finish are dream-like, rather like the imaginings and possibilities of a Christmas Eve. Who hasn’t wondered at the coming to life of their toys?
One Christmas Wish’ is an inspiring, beautiful, classic story, deserving special seasonal role. This is its third year and incarnation. It has already earned its place as an annual title to share and treasure.


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