One Fox


One famished fox spies three plump hens. Carefully, secretly he stalks the hens back to the hen house; six, silent steps. We watch, wait and count alongside. Furthermore, the fox moves from the bright golden light of our view, to the darkness where his yellow eyes are visible only.

One Fox is a thrilling counting book with wonderful, descriptive language. This is magnified by rich, painterly pictures of such care and skill and impact. We observe from different perspectives, with different tones and frames and realise the drama, chase and….

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this very satisfying, feather-fuelled picture book aboard!


One Fox

A Counting Book Thriller

Kate Read

(Two Hoots)

One Fox,one famished fox’, but what will follow? Could it be two meals or ‘two sly eyes’. We stare into those ‘sly eyes‘ and wonder where our gaze will lead. Surely not toward ‘three plump chickens‘? It seems that this counting book is a thriller, for the fox has seen something that makes him pause, count, wait and prepare for the kill.
Thereafter, what are we left to do? This is a heady watch for us! We count, pace, look at Kate Read’s glorious layered, collage- like brush strokes, and follow the four padding paws. What will happen next?
Bookwagon is painstaking in our search for beautiful, ‘forever’ picture books. Therefore, we have sought counting books that have a story and greater interest and depth such as Counting with Tiny Cat or You Can’t Count on Dinosaurs!
One Fox is an outstanding debut picture book from Kate Read. Furthermore, this book sustains our delight and fascination because of the quality of the text, and the skill of the picture book maker. I love the changes in background and perspective, from the white cleanness where we meet the page, to the darkness of the stealthy approach to the chicken coop. Thereafter, the conclusion is unpredictable, delightful and wholly satisfying!


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