One Goose Two Moose


It’s time for ice cream! Simon organises the queue, so ‘One goose, two goose, three goose, four goose, five goose, six MOOSE…’? What is happening? Isn’t this a queue for geese? Can Simon reorder the queue? Make sure that the moose knows his place?

Then again, we’ve a further confusion in the goose line? What is this? Can’t he see it’s a goose line? Furthermore, could he be joined by another of his kind? In fact, there’s a moose line? It’s ‘over there.’ However, might that include some interloping geese? We’re granted the opportunity to look up to the top of the double page to compare. So, what will happen next?

Bookwagon adores One Goose Two Moose. Not only is Kael Tudor’s text perfectly paced, ordered and then so dramatic, but Nicola Slater’s pictures are full of animation, colour, wit and appeal.

Will anyone get ice cream? Will Simon get a break? Let’s see. This book just calls to be read together, enjoyed, anticipated and then read again, What a fantastic picture book! One Goose Two Moose

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One Goose Two Moose

Kael Tudor and Nicola Slater


‘OK, everyone,/ line up for ice cream!‘ It’ time to count off the line of geese. What about One Goose Two Moose. Wait! Isn’t this a geese line? Therefore, we have to count all over again. So how about…. to two, three, four, five until- ‘What are you?‘ How on earth can this creature think he might line up with geese? Then again, what if this moose is not alone? In fact, that others of his species join in? What is going on?
Like Not Yet, Zebra, for example, this picture book is a riot. Not only are we counting down, but we’re also anticipating each new step. Furthermore, there’s something about Simon’s organising that is truly hilarious! Then again there’s the additional line that appears. It seems that Nicola Slater draws us in further, so that we’re comparing the two lines across double page spreads. Then again, Kael Tudor’s pace and melodrama are brilliant! We’re completely captivated. In fact Bookwagon can HEAR this wonderful picture book being read aloud. What a treat! Is it possible that the situation can be rectified, or might there be another, confused, incomer?
Bookwagon loves and recommends One Goose Two Moose highly to all our picture book readers.


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