One Hungry Dragon


It seems that Bernardo is One Hungry Dragon. What’s more it seems he is very, very hungry. You’d think that if he eats ‘two silly sheep, grazing in the meadow‘ he’d be full. However, it’s not enough. What’s more, when ‘three hearty heroes‘ call him a ‘foul beast’ it’s too much! In fact, Bernardo ‘swallows the heroes whole‘! In fact, Bernardo continues. He hunts down and swallows up ‘proper princesses‘ and ‘frisky foxes‘ ahead of ‘bristly bears‘. However, that’s not enough, still!

In fact it takes gobbling on until ‘ten little piggies- trot, trot, trot- into Bernardo’s great big mouth‘ for Bernardo to feel full! At that point he stretches and rests his huge, overfilled tummy, ready to sleep. However, what about all the creatures and characters within that big tummy? Alex Willmore’s illustrations are alive with character and energy. We delight in them!

It seems that Bernardo’s actions have been really impulsive. In fact, if he’d considered the flaming, heroic, frisky, hopping and bristling characters he’d eaten, he could have anticipated the turmoil ahead!

Bookwagon loves One Hungry Dragon and recommends it to our readers. In fact, we think this is a superb title to read aloud, often and thereafter love dearly.

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One Hungry Dragon

Alastair Chisholm and Alex Willmore


What will it take to satisfy the pangs of Bernardo, who is One Hungry Dragon? Could it be ‘two silly sheep, grazing in the meadow’? Or might his hunger linger still? Thereafter, what about ‘three hearty heroes, valiant and bold‘? It seems their cries that Bernardo’s a ‘foul beast‘ inspire him to melt their swords and ‘swallow the heroes whole‘!
Thereafter, what about ‘four proper princesses‘ or even ‘five frisky foxes’ and then ‘six bristly bears‘? It seems that even ‘salty snacks‘ such as ‘seven magical mermaids‘ cannot fill up Bernardo’s hungry tummy! In fact Bernardo continues to eight, nine and then ten…. Thereafter, it’s time to make ‘a great big s-t-r-e-t-c-h’ and give ‘a mighty YAWN’ before curling up and snoring….
Alastair Chisholm and Alex Willmore are an inspiring unit, creating a picture book that demands to be read aloud, dramatically, and thereafter loved, recited, known and shared. Can it be that pigs, godmothers, frogs and mermaids meet their end within Bernardo’s huge dragon-y tummy? Or might there be a rebellion within this ‘rotten dragon’. After all it seems that deep within Bernardo, trouble is forming… After all, the princesses know just how to rouse a bad Bernardo and make an escape. What’s more, they’re determined that this rotter might change his dragon-y ways! Bookwagon loves and recommends One Hungry Dragon. Like this writer’s The Tale of the Valiant Ninja Frog, we suggest that this is a story to love and enjoy hugely.


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