One Million Insects


Insects are all around us.  We are familiar with bees, butterflies, ants and many other species.  But how much do we know about them?  This super book provides the answers and introduces to lesser known species and their characteristics.  Insects outnumber humans on earth by over 1.4 billion to one; without them we would be seriously in trouble – without pollination, crop failure would be endemic, while they play a key role in waste disposal and recycling!

One Million Insects provides us with a valuable, close-up insect into these fascinating creatures.

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:One Million Insects

Isabel Thomas, illustrated by Lou Baker-Smith


One Million Insects is a fascinating guide to just some of the horde of insects around the world. In the introduction, it is explained that insects are not only the most numerous animals on the planet, out-numbering humans by 1.4 billion to one, but the most important.
This excellent book provides a close-up insight into the wonders of planet insect. The bright and colourful illustrations and diagrams perfectly compliment the text, from which we learn so much about the vital creatures.  The book is divided into a series of double-page spreads on the different species.  The section on cockroaches is a great example.  Although cockroaches have a bad reputation for breaking into buildings and spoiling food, we learn that they are also expert recyclers.
The book covers the huge variety that exist, explaining the differences between groups.  Author Isabel Thomas’s fascination for her subject is infectious. We also learn about the vital role insects play within their ecosystems.  The final section of the book moreover encourages children to venture into gardens or parks to observe them in their natural habitats.
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