One Moment in Time


In One Moment in Time, Esther might be queueing for school lunch in Ghana, while Suzy is asleep, in Australia. Thereafter, Francesca, in Italy, might be playing football, while at 9 o’clock in the morning in Brazil, Luca is having a maths lesson.

Alongside offering the exact same moment, with its different times, we compare the activities of children in eleven different countries. This format, and global adventure shows readers how ‘every part of the world has morning, afternoon and evening at different times’. 

What’s more, Ben Lerwill, draws our attention to the activity of each subject, by asking a question and directing us to investigate. Therefore when ‘it’s 8 o’clock in the morning in New York City’, where ‘Kayla is getting her schoolbag ready’, we see the ‘yellow school bus’ drawing up. We’re asked, ‘what are the different ways that people get to your school’? We’re reminded of all the unusual journeys to school made around the world, from taking boats, to riding horses, or ‘even climbing mountains’! 

Alette Straathof’s illustraties are rich in detail and brightly coloured. They demand that we take time to search for clues.

Bookwagon recommends One Moment in Time for curious readers who want to learn about other people and places, at home, and in school.

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One Moment in Time

Children Around the World

Ben Lerwill and Alette Straathof

(Happy Yak)– hardback

At exactly the same moment that Xavier is having his breakfast in Mexico, Suzy is asleep in Australia. It seems that around the world, children are engaged in a variety of activities. Thereafter, James is playing guitar in his home in Scotland, while in New York, ‘Kayla is getting her school bag ready‘. Then again, in Brazil, Luca is having a maths lesson, while ‘Yusuf is borrowing a book from the library’. 
Alongside an accessible selection of activities, Ben Lerwill takes readers around the world, to eleven countries. He asks questions of them, that they might compare their behaviour to that of the characters featured. Then again, Alette Straathof, has created inviting illustrations that lure us in to investigate. What’s more, there’s opportunity to compare the locations with a map identifying every place featured.
Like This Is How We Do It, One Moment in Time, has readers realise that we’re one cog in a world of differences and routines. Thereafter it has us realise our own routine and setting.
Not only is One Moment in Time a useful, meaningful title for school reading, but Bookwagon recommends it for sharing, talking and about and reading at home, also.


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