One of a Kind: A Story about Sorting and Classifying


This is a witty and magnificently-illustrated book that plays with the idea of “sorting”.  Using young Arvo and his family tree, illustrator and author Neil Packer demonstrates that everything can be sorted and classified. The animal kingdom, modes of transport, musical instruments, art and architectural movements, and even the clouds in the sky for example.

The story is framed by a charming narrative about a father and his son Arvo.  We travel with Arvo on a journey into town, along the way Arvo explores the many ways in which we classify the world around us to make sense of it, to fascinating and often beguiling effect.  With a witty text and breathtaking pictures, this story deserves its title: a true original by an author and illustrator of remarkable talent.

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One of a Kind: A Story about Sorting and Classifying

Neil Packer

(Walker Studio) – hardback
One of a Kind: A Story about Sorting and Classifying takes us on a compelling journey through the world of organisation.  Using young Arvo and his family, we see how he fits into the world.  Moreover, we see how our use of sorting helps us to make sense of the world.
The books helps us to make connections and is full of suggestions for further activities.  Potentially, this subject could have been dull, but the magnificent illustrations and witty narrative make for a fascinating experience.
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