One Shoe Two Shoes


‘One Shoe Two Shoes‘ red shoes blue shoes, so many shoes! Where do they lead? Who is hiding in the shoes? A mouse? More mice? How many? ‘Five, six, seven, eight and nine/ Ten little mice/ All in a line!’

One Shoe Two Shoes‘ and it’s time for fetch! A game!

Caryl Hart’s perfectly selected rhyming text and Edward Underwood’s bold, clear pictures build an ideal picture book for our youngest readers. There is delight in the discovery, mischief and sounds. ‘One Shoe Two Shoes‘ is a superb picture book.

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One Shoe Two Shoes

Caryl Hart & Edward Underwood


‘One Shoe Two Shoes‘ red shoes blues shoes, on the way to school shoes… Where do the shoes lead? How are shoes different? Who might hide in the shoes? Bold pictures alongside an enquiring rhyming text create a ‘forever’ book destined to be loved by our youngest readers.


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