One Tiny Dot


What if Kindness was One Tiny Dot? Thereafter, what if we nurtured this ‘dot’ so that it felt the kindness of interactions in the world? It might be through sharing, or caring, or ‘smiles and thank- yous‘. Then again, it might be through community. Would it not mean that the Tiny Dot would grow so that ‘it filled up/ a WHOLE lot’?

It seems that ‘with KINDNESS/- it spreads if you let it.‘ What’s more, if you celebrate Kindness, it can overwhelm anger and fear so that these ‘roars‘ might become ‘whispers‘ until their ‘thunder’ might ‘still’.

Lucy Rowland’s rhyming text is restorative, encouraging and nurturing. What’s more, Gwen Millward’s pictures are joyously vibrant and inclusive so that we feel determined to join the crowd and share our kindness.

Altogether, Bookwagon loves and recommends One Tiny Dot, for sharing at home and school, too.

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One Tiny Dot

Let Kindness Grow!

Lucy Rowland & Gwen Millward


What if you were One Tiny Dot, not ‘big or that bold or that tough‘ but KINDNESS? Thereafter, what if your existence depended upon that kindness being shown and shared? it might be through a boy who gifts a ride upon his trainers. Thereafter, the dot’s situation might improve when a girl offers to loan a towel when these shoes are soaked through. It seems  you’d be inclined to grow through this sharing, caring and kindness, wouldn’t you?
Furthermore, Kindness is shown in helping out and ‘smiles,- thank yous‘ After all they’d mean  the dot’s size would change so that ‘it kept growing’ almost full of delight and contagion’!
Alongside bright, encouraging pictures of diversity, movement and positivity from Gwen Millward, we’ve a rhyming, encouraging text from Lucy Rowland. We love her picture books, from A Hero Called Wolf to This Tree Is Just for Me! for their inclusivity and warmth. Therefore, this picture book of affirmation is quite glorious. What’s more, it deals with feelings within each of us from Anger and Sadness, alongside demonstrating how Kindness triumphs over all and is the ultimate need.
Bookwagon recommends One Tiny Dot to our readers, at home and school.


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