Only Love Can Break Your Heart


To Seth, it must seem that Reiko has it all. From the red Jeep that she’s always wanted, to the swimming pool and attentive family. Even her hopes for the future seem possible. Yet, Reiko is falling apart. From her confident entry into any room, to her good grades, Reiko holds it all together. Only at night or in the early morning, when she speaks with her older sister, Mika, does Reiko reveal herself.

Will it take letting go with Seth, in the desert night, for Reiko to reach inside? Is it true that ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart‘?  The intertwined storylines, considered themes, alongside truthful, knowing characterisations, make this a really compelling, meaningful novel. ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart‘ is respectful and honest. I went from judging Reiko to feeling her pain. I love the calendar arc of the story, from Reiko’s search for the sculptor, the deal they make, to her return a full year later. This is clever, empathetic storytelling. ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ is a superb book, one that I will be recommending to our adolescent readers, keenly.


Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Katherine Webber


Reiko has it all. Her family is successful, she is a fixture with the right crowd at school, and makes great school grades. Yet Reiko is falling apart. Only Mika, her older sister knows Reiko’s feelings. As Reiko struggles, she seeks a friend in the desert dark, Seth, someone at school of whom she’s hardly aware. How will they connect? What does it mean for Mika? Is it true that ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’?

This title contains themes and subjects more suitable for older readers. 

A London’s Big Read nominated title:- London’s Big Read 2019


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