Fairy Detective Agency Operation Bunny


Little do the oppressive reality TV-like Dashwood family realise the lifeline thrown to their Cinderella daughter, Emily Vole, by their ‘old bat’ neighbour, Miss String. When Miss String’s assistance goes beyond lessons, housework, cricket with an oversized talking cat, to a chance encounter with some dancing keys, Emily Vole’s life changes beyond everybody’s wildest and bunny-est expectations!

Twiddle my whiskers and call me haddock’ but this is a grin making and gripping book, that opens a super, inspired, Sally Gardner strong series of fairy, furry adventures. ‘Fairy Detective Agency Operation Bunny‘ is  perfect fare for the newly competent reader, ready to become hooked into a quality series of chapter stories.


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Fairy Detective Agency Operation Bunny

Wings & Co The Fairy Detective Agency

Sally Gardner, illustrated by David Roberts


‘Fairy Detective Agency Operation Bunny‘ is the first case, with keys, for Miss Emily Vole. When an inconspicuous neighbour to Emily’s oppressive guardians take an interest in her, life changes. A giant cat, and an annoying 11-year old boy, are amongst her  changes. Enter a fairy world of wonder and mystery!


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